Who are we?

We are a small, but very experienced team, that offers advanced, 3D games, applications and pre-rendered videos. We offer:

VR/AR Games and Apps

3D Mobile Games

Short Videos

Everything Else

Immersive, highly optimized VR, AR games and application that will suit any a needs. Do you need a game for special event? Do you want to show your work in most immersive and realistic way possible? We have you covered!

Mobile games are very different from game for other platforms. It requires different controls, different optimizations and different gameplay. We get it and that is why, we can make a game that will meet all your needs.

We use our game development experience to make high quality videos. It enable us to be fast, efficient and competitive.  

Sometimes our customers need something little different. Sometimes we integrate multiple different technologies to achieve desired effect. Do you need a custom game controller? Do you need to integrate 3D application with your existing solution? Contact us. We can help.

Time Hole 2020 See more VR Game Made with Unity Story Sci-Fi Horror and Escape Room Immersive, thrilling and simply beautiful An indefinite future. A damaged space station is drifting in space. You wake up in one of the life support capsules. There is a smell of burning plastic in the air, impenetrable silence all around, interrupted only by the crackling of torn cables. Confused and terrified, you are looking for a way to get out of the blocked capsule and this is just the beginning of your problems. Who am I, where am I? What has happened?. Solve the mystery, escape the station and save your life.

Get in touch.

We are currently available for work and would love to hear from any interested parties about prospective projects. Feel free to contact us any time to discuss options.